Thank you for submitting an application for a home with RBH.

What happens next?

Your application will be assessed, validated and priority could be awarded.

We will contact you by email or letter to confirm that your application is registered and you are eligible for a home with RBH and its partners. We will give you details of your reference number and how you can access our website, check for accommodation available and how to place bids on homes that you are eligible for.

How HomeChoice works
Most of our homes are advertised on the HomeChoice website for one week. From Thursday 2pm until Wednesday 2pm. At the end of the bidding period RBH and its partners receive a list of applicants that want each home. The applicant with the highest priority band who is eligible for that home will be offered the home first.

The home is offered to an applicant in Band A first starting with the one who has been in this band the longest. If there is no one in Band A we then look at the first applicant in Band B. We continue to work down the priority bands until the accommodation is offered to an applicant who accepts it.

Some of our homes are advertised on the HomeChoice website as First Come First Served. These homes are usually ready for immediate viewing. These homes would be offered to the first eligible applicant who placed a bid. We would not look at priority bands for these homes.

How to get a home, depends on a number of factors

• How often you check and add bids to available homes on the HomeChoice website
• How many other people bid on a home
• The priority band you are in
• How long you have been in that priority band.
• The area you want. Some areas do not have many homes available, other areas have a lot.
• The type and size of the home you are eligible for.
• Age restrictions may apply to some homes i.e. bungalows, independent living with support schemes.

How to bid for a home

Check all the homes you are eligible for on the HomeChoice website. Bids can be added at any time throughout the weekly bidding period.
To get a home from RBH and its partners you need to add a bid. There is no money involved; a bid is the way for you to express an interest in a particular home.

You are able to add up to three bids during any one bidding period. Bidding period runs from Thursday 2pm and closes on Wednesday 2pm.
You should only bid for homes you want. Check the accommodation information, map and location on the advert. You may loose some priority in the future if you bid for homes and then refuse them.

Before you receive an offer of a home

Below is a guide to some of the information you will need to provide to support your application before an offer of a home is made to you.

• Two forms of ID are needed for all people over 16 (not in full time education) who are named on the application and who want to be rehoused. One of these should preferably have a photograph on it.
• A driving licence, passport, birth certificate.
• One form of ID must have your current address on; such as a recent utility bill or bank statement. This must be from within the last three months.
• Proof of local connection.
• Proof of employment
• Proof of pregnancy
• Proof of child benefit and birth certificate for all children who want to move with you.

Receiving an offer of a home

We will contact you by telephone, email or letter with the details of the home we are able to offer you. We will request ID, proof of income and complete an affordability assessment with you. When your new home is nearly ready, we will contact you again to make arrangements for you to attend a viewing. When you have viewed and accepted your new home we will make an appointment with you to sign for the tenancy.