We recently announced that RBH and Rochdale Borough Council had made a joint decision that responsibility for the "HomeChoice" allocations service and the homelessness service will return to the Council starting 1st April 2022.

We can now let you know more about what will happen over the next couple of weeks as the service changes over. To help with a smooth transition for the team from RBH to Rochdale Borough Council, the main changes will happen as follows:

We want to reassure you that all existing registrations and applications will automatically transfer, and this transfer will not affect your priority status. From 1st April, your new contact details for rehousing services will be as follows:

The contact numbers and procedure for the homelessness service will remain unchanged - 0300-303-8548 during normal office hours and 0300-303-8875 for the out-of-hours service. From 1st April, the homelessness service will have a new email address: homelessness@rochdale.gov.uk. RBH and Rochdale Borough Council are working closely together to make sure that the team’s move runs smoothly, and that you continue to receive the service that you deserve and expect.