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Help with finding a home

It’s a good idea to be flexible and consider all your housing options, even if you think they might not be for you.


RBH and Housing Association homes

You can search for RBH and Housing Association homes on the HomeChoice website. The more flexible you are in the area and type of home you would like to consider the quicker you may find your ideal home. Generally, the more urgent your need to move, the higher your priority and the better chance of a home. You also get increased priority if you are a working household or have a local connection.

You can also consider RBH ‘First come First Served' which are advertised on a daily basis, so make sure you check regularly.

Some housing is reserved for people over a certain age, so check the advertisement details.


1. Mutual Exchange

Need a bigger home? Need a smaller home? For more information please visit our Mutual Exchange page. 


2. Supported Housing Service - Independent living

Rochdale has various independent living accommodation throughout the borough. For more information visit our Supported Housing Service page. 


3. Homeless prevention and Advice

Further information on Homeless Prevention and Advice is available by visiting our Homeless Prevention and Advice page. 


4. Get help to stay where you are

You could receive expert help to tackle a problem that has prompted you to look for a move. Why not contact our HomeChoice Team for advice.


5. Other Housing Associations

There are a variety of other Housing Associations with different kinds of homes in various locations around the borough. You can apply directly to them, or you can be put forward by RBH to some of the available homes they have. This can increase your chances of being rehoused.

Remember, most of the Housing Associations do advertise their homes on the weekly cycle on the HomeChoice website.


6. Lodgers

If you are unable to manage the extra rent required due to Welfare Reform, have you thought of taking in a lodger to help pay for that extra bedroom? Contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer if you wish to consider this instead of downsizing.


7. Armed Forces

RBH is a signatory to the Rochdale Armed Forces Community Covenant.
If you are a serving or former member of the armed forces and are looking to be housed in Rochdale then please complete an online form now.
RBH are committed to assisting those applicants who are currently serving in the regular forces or who were serving in the regular forces at any time in the five years preceding their application for housing. No local connection to the Rochdale area is necessary. Also if you are a bereaved spouse or civil partner of those serving in the forces or have suffered illness or disability which is wholly or partly attributable to your service, contact HomeChoice and they will be happy to assist you.


8. Low cost home ownership

Mortgages can be hard to come by, making a new home seem out of reach. There’s lots of help to get you into low cost home owning. Try the link below:

Go to home ownership


9. Employment & Training

Being in employment widens your housing options and the kind of accommodation that is available to you. There are a number of agencies that can provide training and advice to help you secure employment. For more information please visit


10. Rent from a Private landlord

Rochdale has a varied private rented sector which offers another option for rehousing. Private landlords are registered under an accreditation scheme with RBC.

Look for homes on the accreditation scheme.


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